We are taking summer 2022 off to reimagine InternHacks for the future! Stay tuned for more information soon.

We’ve combined the best parts of a tech internship and a hackathon! Spend your summer working with engineers, designers, and product managers from top companies.

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Build Community

Don't miss out on meeting other awesome interns! Chat with students from around the country over lunch and learns, virtual screenings, happy hours, and more.

Become a Better Engineer

Our goal is for you to become the best software engineer you can be! You'll have access to AWS, Azure, Eider, and much more. Let us know what you want to build and we'll get you what you need.

Earn Swag and Perks

Delivery codes, gift cards, prize pools... you name it and we've got it. Swag and perks go virtual.

Get Recruited!

Our mentors, partners, and sponsors all want to see you succeed. Teams will get direct visibility with the engineering leadership and recruiting teams that partner with us.

Receive Great Mentorship

Who better to guide you than engineers from companies like CapitalOne, Netflix, Facebook, Google and more! Our mentors host technical workshops, office hours, and are always available on Slack!

Go Fully Virtual

Being stuck at home won't stop us from building. You'll have access to Slack, Hopin, Symba, and much more to build your online community.


We’ve deconstructed the summer internship experience into seven action-packed weeks of project-based work within a team. InternHacks creates unique value in the design, also approach providing  4 pillar virtual events and supporting over 200 technical students.

Why is it important?

We want to set future tech talent up for success! With InternHacks, participants finish the summer as a better engineer, product manager, or designer than they began it.

Our goal is to increase the pool of top tech talent that are equipped with the experience, mentorship, & network to launch awesome careers in tech. 

Technical Mentorship from Engineers, Designers, & PMs at Great Companies!

"The long term value of an internship is working with super smart people, getting great feedback, and building your professional network. InternHacks is designed to provide that at scale."
Wahab Owolabi
Founder, URx

Project Tracks

Diversity & Inclusion

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Arts and Creativity

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Fintech & Crypto

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Health & Wellness

Future of Work

Media & Entertainment

Timeline + Schedule



 We’ll get you onboarded with a dedicated Slack channel, swag, and much more.  

Mid June


Once you have your team, you’ll get started on designing your solution. Whiteboard away!

Late June


 Then its time to log on and hack away! You’ll have the support of some of the best mentors in the game!



Show off what you and your team have been working on!


Not exactly. InternHacks is the best of both an internship and a hackathon.

A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend.

With InternHacks, we are taking that model and combining it with the best parts of a tech internship.

Our goal is that participants walk away from the experience better engineers and more competitive candidates for future internships and FT opportunities!

We welcome any student 18 or older enrolled in a US & Canada based college or university to apply!

International students enrolled in US colleges are welcome!

Yes, part of the experience is learning how to work on a team! We encourage you to apply with a multidisciplinary team of 3 – 5. If you don’t have a team? We got you covered. We will have time before InternHacks kicks off for accepted individual applicants to get together and form teams.

You can! Thanks to our sponsors, we have a cash prize pool along with other fun perks and giveaways. participants are in the running to win prizes that includes cash, yes cash!There are multiple winners every week in different categories related to the current sprint. We reset the prize pool every sprint so there are multiple opportunities to win every week. 

InternHacks is completely free for participants. All you need is a desire to learn, an open mind, and be willing to follow through. Our sponsors and partners have helped provide credits, UberEats credits, and the awesome swag we’ll be shipping out to everyone.

InternHacks is a project by URx, a community of university & early career talent professionals. We’re hoping to bridge the gap between students who were affected by Covid-19 and recruiters/partners who might be able to help.

Well actually yes! This is a tough time for everyone and although there are fewer jobs right now, we believe we will bounce back. Our sponsors are participating to give back and help all of our hackers be in great positions to get hired this Fall. 

InternHacks combines the best of internships & hackathons into a 7 week program.

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