Mentor Handbook

Thank you for being an InternHacks Mentor! This is your handbook which will have all of the information you need to know about being an InternHacks Mentor.

Please post all of your questions in the private #mentors channel (unless it’s a private matter, in which case DM @Wahab or @Bori )

Getting Started


The InternHacks workspace is where we will do 99% of our communication during the program. This is how you’ll connect with students, organizers and other mentors. 


You can access slack via this link.

  1. Join the InternHacks Slack with the link that was emailed to you. If you do not have one please email us at

  2. For your display name, add “[Mentor]” to the end. You can also put the name of your company, this is completely optional. For example, Bori [Mentor – Capital One]

  3. Star the private #mentors channel you have been invited to. Please ping @Wahab, @Bori or @IHTeam if you’ve not been added.

  4. Introduce yourself in #welcome (cross post to the private #mentors channel) 

  5. Please join as many channels that are related to your field as possible. For example, if you can help with web development, join the #web-development channel or If you can help with design, join the #ui-ux-design channel.

Mentor Onboarding

View mentor onboarding slides here.

Mentor Types

  • Technical Mentor: Provides technical assistance, code reviews and feedback

  • Design Mentor: Provides UI/UX help and feedback

  • Product Mentor: Helps with project ideas and breaking down projects into sizable chunks

  • General Career Coaching Mentor: Hosts events/answers student questions on career guidance

Getting Involved

Slack Questions & General Support

Students will be posting questions in the various slack channels throughout the program. Please join and monitor the channels related to your skills and help answer questions there. Mentors who are especially active/helpful on slack will be eligible for gift card prizes 🙂 


Students may also direct message you on Slack to request your feedback based on your expertise. Feel free to set up meetings with students/teams to give feedback if you are able.

Host Events

Whether you choose to lounge around Slack or dig in with a specific team, all of our mentors are encouraged to host events at your own convenience. Students are super excited to interface with you all. 


Events that an unlimited number of students can participate in (these are orange in Calendly)

Office Hours 

This is the most important thing you can do as an InternHacks mentor! It gives intern project teams an opportunity to get help and unblocked. Please try to prioritize hosting Office Hours. Over the course of the seven weeks it is our goal that all mentors host 2 office hours. 


You can host office hours weekly (or as a one off) in your area of expertise.

  • For example; you can host office hours on product/project ideation, iOS development, web dev, api creation & integration, UI/UX design, front end design, etc. Honestly anything that you find interesting or you see interns having questions about works! 

  • Logistics
    • Schedule this event on Calendly. You will provide a virtual meeting link for students to join directly.

    • Once scheduled a notification will automatically be sent to Slack to let students know about your event. 


Tech Talks (Technical Workshops)

Have a passion for a particular product or technology, host a technical workshop on the topic. This is also a great opportunity to plug your company or an open source project you love!

  • Logistics: 

    • Schedule this event on Calendly

    • You will provide a virtual meeting link for students to join directly.

    • Once scheduled a notification will automatically be sent to Slack to let students know about your event. 


Digital AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

  • Digital AMAs do not involve a meeting – you will simply be answering questions about yourself on Slack!

  • Be featured in one of our Slack AMA’s where we discuss your career journey, work and take general questions from the students!  

  • Logistics: First create an event on Calendly then head on to the #ama channel during your time slot and answer all the questions that you can.


Events that a limited number of students can participate in (these are green in Calendly)

Coffee Chats

  • 2-4 students

  • Connect with a small group of talented and interesting students, and help answer their career-related questions.

  • If you’re able to, you’re also welcome to sponsor and provide our students with a free coffee! We can work out the logistics of sending gift cards for coffee 🙂

  • Logistics: 

    • Schedule this event on Calendly

    • Monitor RSVPs to your event on #rsvp-events. 

    • Before the event, direct message the first 2-4 students who RSVP’d and send a virtual link (you can type “/hangout” to create a link directly in the DM).

We really can host any kind of virtual event on any relevant topic, so let the organizers know if you have other ideas!

Judging & Prizes 

There are opportunities every week to give feedback and judge the interns progress on their projects. This happens via their weekly project updates, and during Design Day and Demo Day. Mentors can choose as many categories they would like to judge for team projects! 


For Design Day and Demo Day students will present a high level roadmap and a completed demo of their project, respectively. Student presentations will be by category, so we will need judges in each category. 


The time commitment will be 2 hours on whichever day(s) you sign up for, and this will consist of watching the presentations, deliberation, and then feedback and giving awards. However, you are always welcome to attend the entire event. 


Specific event details and reminders about timing and logistics will be made available to you in the #Mentors Slack channel.

Code of Conduct 

Our general program Code of Conduct can be found here.


Specifically for mentors we have two simple rules:

  1. The golden rule 🙂 

  2. Build genuine connections and friendships. We are all here to help the students first, being a Mentor for InternHacks should not be part of your job hunt process (although it would be cool if you landed a sweet gig due to IH). 

If you notice anyone not adhering to our code of conduct or not following the two rules above please let us know! 


We’ll update this handbook as we go and more things come up. If you notice something missing, give us a shout. 

Mentor Handbook