What is InternHacks?

We’ve deconstructed the summer internship experience into seven action-packed weeks of project-based work. InternHacks recreates the tremendous value of an internship virtually by featuring 4 pillar virtual events for over 200 technical students.

We are especially focusing on underrepresented students and students who have not participated in big tech internships. Our goal is that students who complete the experience will finish the summer as better engineers, product managers, and designers than they were. Internships are the most diverse of tech talent pipelines.

Why Sponsor?

URx is a community of recruiters from the world’s best tech companies. We’ve designed the program with Diversity, Recruiting, and employer branding outcomes top of mind.

Create Partnership

Provide your engineers, product managers, and designers an opportunity to work directly with talented technical students with minimal time commitment and maximum visibility.

Increase Brand Equity

Provide your company with incredible employer brand equity with some of the most talented college students in the country.

Nurture Diversity

Provide your recruiting team with a diverse talented technical pipeline that has been vetted. You start with a clear baseline knowledge of each candidates technical ability not a basic resume.

Sponsorship Overview


Spread the word about your company, culture & technology. Recruit from a diverse talent pipeline with thoughtful engagement and technical data points.

Provide Mentors & Judges

Promote employee volunteerism by tapping mentors and judges from your team.

Custom Project Category or Track

Sponsor a project category or track. Be recognized as the leader in that area. such as Marketplaces, Social Impact Cryptocurrency, Data Visualization, Design, and more!

Product & Employer Brand Awareness

Engage with participants through your products or rub campaigns by distributing free credits or promotions.

Digital Workshops +Virtual Events

Connect & Educate participants through technical workshops, info sessions, and fun mini engagements.

Sponsorship Levels


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